Feb 20, 2003
Alright, this has been happening for around 24hours now and its causing some discomfort.

One of my servers is sitting on 4159.2 kb/s outgoing according to MRTG. Now this went so high I had theplanet null route the IP address until they looked into a possible attack.

Now, I am sitting here again with the usage going up. I've blocked every port excluding 2082 and 80 (Yes I even locked myself out of SSH, lol) and its still holding on 4000ish/kbit.

Now the weird thing is Apache's ExtendedStatus is reporting this fiqure:

2.48 requests/sec - 137.3 kB/second - 55.4 kB/request

So if Apache is using 1000kbit, where is the other 3000kbit going? And how do I find out what the hell is going on here?

So any help, suggestion on how to fiqure this out? Support Ticket Number:


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Mar 11, 2003
Let me know if rebooting helps. I have a similiar problem albeit not as bad. WHM is only reporting about 40% of the bandwidth recorded in Bandmin. Support Ticket Number: