Run root script using the cPanel API with 2FA enabled issue


Oct 20, 2012
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I enabled 2FA and for the most part it worked great, except that it broke my Letsencrypt script found here:
[How-To] Installing SSL from Let's Encrypt

Nevermind the script (since it's unofficial cPanel naturally won't/can't/shouldn't support it), but the authentication method it is using is directly copy-pasted from their documentation. It's using the Access Hash authentication
Guide to API Authentication - Software Development Kit - cPanel Documentation

It worked fine with 2FA disabled, but with 2FA enabled the output from the "print $response->content;" after it tried to install the certificate is just the html for the two-factor auth WHM page, indicating that it needs the six digit 2FA code to authenticate correctly.

I obviously can't input the 2FA six-digit security code for a crontab script that will run automatically at set intervals, so the 2FA auth example code they have on that documentation page is a no go.

Do I have to chose between using the cPanel API in scripts vs 2FA security or is there a way to bypass the need to input the 2FA security code for scripts accessing the cPanel API running on my server?


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Apr 7, 2006
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In cPanel & WHM version 54 you have to choose between 2FA and your app. Version 56 comes with some improvements to 2FA that make it possible/easier to use with custom apps.