Safe + Secure alternative to FormMail.cgi?


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May 27, 2006
Johannesburg, South Africa
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Hi All

Do a search on this forum and on the net on FormMail.cgi problems, exploits and abuse attempts, and it makes you think.....

So, what other alternatives can I offer to my clients, which I could install system wide? Reason? It's easy to write a quick howto on how to setup a form-to-mail script on a site which is not CMS / Blog / Wiki / etc controlled, for those client who feel they have to write their own site from scratch, and need a way of sending themselves email, but they don't know they basics of PHP.

any suggestions?


Feb 13, 2009
Is CGI form mail secure yet?

I have been searching the net to read about CGI form mail and its security issues and all the posts I find are years and years old. So I am sure the script has been changed and updated since what I have read. Even the posts on this forum about the topic are quite outdated. :confused:

I was wondering if anyone has current info for this year to see if the script is now safe to use. It sure would be easier to just use that since its already available in our cPanels.

Thank you anyone! :)
Claudia Beck