/scripts/easyapache and /scripts/upcp failed and can't upgrade the cpanel at all


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May 6, 2004
Hello All,
I have tried to upgrade the apache and cpanel as i got warning when I logged into the WHM panel of the server.
I am using cpnael9.2-R27 with WHM 9.2 version.This is a FreeBsd server(5.1).
I tried to build from once WHM and as it didn't work from shell (/scripts/easyapache).Then I tried to upgrade cpanel from WHM and same thing happened.
I have tried to build apache for almost 10 times and to upgrade cpanel to 9.4 stable.But it shows message build complete!! but I don't understand I am still getting the warnimg when I logged into the WHM panel.
It shows the cpanel version as 9.2-R27 same as before..
Why it isn't upgrading at all?
I need urgent help!!!
Thank you


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Jan 17, 2003
If you are on FreeBSD there is no 9.4 stable. Switch your update preferences to edge if you want to go to 9.4. You are already at the latest stable release.

See layer2.cpanel.net for details.