/scripts/easyapache works, but I need certain modules... WHM Upgrade Apache fails :-(


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Nov 7, 2003
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Disclaimer: I'm a Linux novice, but a Windows geek. So I'm not dumb, darn it! Just the world of Linux is very different. Which is not a bad thing - I like Linux, just not experienced... as will probably become glaringly obvious here... :)

I've used WHM to rebuild apache successfully in the past - adding new modules as I and others needed them... But during this recent bit of fun, where we were encouraged to upgrade MySQL 4.0 -> 4.1 -- I changed Tweak Settings, then went in to rebuild apache via WHM.

I encountered errors that I no longer have handy, and PHP was b0rked (e.g. they became downloadable).

My eventual working solution was to run /scripts/easyapache option #1, and that solved the problem -- the basic problem, at least...

Now I'm faced with needing modules installed that are no longer installed... and after some testing (on my second server - thankfully I just got a second server-- and for some reason, they're both b0rked this same way, so I'm sure it's my Linux novisity that's the root cause) have not been able to get it working *except* option #1 /scripts/easyapache...

So my first question is: Is there a way to find out what options I should choose in WHM Upgrade Apache to *match* the /scripts/easyapache -- but that would allow me to choose the extra modules I need?

As a secondary question-- I don't mind using easyapache, but when I chose.... option #7 I believe - I couldn't figure out how to navigate the screen-- I could select items on the screen, but I couldn't figure out what to press to get it to build or give me more options (like curl and MB, for a start)...

Thank you for your time and consideration! :-D


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Jan 11, 2004
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You're most likely using MySQL 4.1.18 which is keeping Apache from compiling, contact me and I'll change you over to 4.1.19 so things will work again. :)