/scripts/upcp causing problems with httpd.conf


Mar 27, 2004
Basically, we've just installed a VMWare server, running behind a hardware firewall, we have 2 interface eth0 and eth1

eth0 =
eth1 =
eth1:1 =
eth1:2 = is dns and 100 is the shared ip for all the sites.

Every other service on the system works perfectly except for apache. Ironically I get the "Great Success!" page for every single site on the sever.

So in my relentless efforts to make this work i changed the vhosts.default file (config template for apache) to simple suffix the VirutalHost as follows

<VirutalHost *> rather than <VirutalHost>

(I saw this solution on an apache forum googling)

So all is well until it does its /scripts/upcp at 1am and adds an extra VirutalHost directive at the footer of the config file as follows.

ServerName blahblahblah.com
DocumentRoot /usr/local/apache/htdocs
etc ..

God knows why it does it, I cant see it in any of the template makeups in the system, the distiller doesnt get run because all the config tweaks i made to the templates remain.

Seriously got me stumped ... any advice would surely go far, I put this system into production thinking its working and now I find myself staying up till 1am everymorning running /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf.

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Aug 18, 2009
Houston, Tx
scripts/upcp causing problems with httpd.conf


I do see where there may be an issue, and we will definitely try to get you fixed up. The first thing I would do is to go into Basic Setup in WHM, and change your "Basic Ethernet Device" to eth1:1 = After that you may have to restart apache, otherwise it should work. You can test by running /scripts/upcp. Hope that helps, please feel free to ask any questions.

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Matthew Curry


Mar 27, 2004
Thanks - This solution worked nicely.

Just a quick one, when i create a new account it still creates the ViritualHost section with the IP, is there somewhere where i can tweak it like the above mentioned concept?

One would think making the account would use the vhost.main template file but i find after making the account i still need to do a /scripts/rebuildhttpconf