/scripts/updateuserdomains error on every server I check


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Mar 11, 2002
Suddenly email problems about unroutable domains are flooding in. Normally I would rename /etc/localdomains and then run /scripts/updateuserdomains to rebuild it. Except now I get one or more errors like the one below when running the script.

[userdomains] domain conflict: /var/cpanel/users/user contains a domain already owned by user at /scripts/updateuserdomains line 172, <F> line 17.

Has something changed in cpanel that allows this conflict to occur? I forsee the error list only getting larger and more of a pain to go in and edit /var/cpanel/users/user to fix each error as the weeks go by

Turned in two tickets to cpanel.net with two different email addresses - never get the autoresponder reply that even ackknowledges the ticket was received so it also looks like something is also wrong with the ticket proccess.
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