/scripts/updateuserdomains not working


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Apr 9, 2004
Dallas, Texas
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Just thought I'd post this weird problem I'm having, and see if anyone has any ideas.

I started getting reports that people weren't receiving email on one of our servers. I poked around and found that suddenly, only a few domains are listed in /etc/localdomains, a fraction of what should be there.

Running /scripts/updateuserdomains does not correct the file.

The really strange thing is that while testing, I ran /scripts/eximup --force a couple times, and then started running /scripts/updateuserdomains while eximup was running. During the eximup run, which was paused for a long time on the "exim config PASSED!!" line, (that's not exact, but close enough.), as I ran /scripts/updateuserdomains, each time it was putting more and more domains into the file, as though eximup was processing the domains somehow, and then /scripts/updateuserdomains was picking them up.

However, once eximup completed, running /scripts/updateuserdomains again caused the file to be truncated again to only the same few domains that were present when I found the problem. I can't find any problems in /var/cpanel/users files, and have no idea how to get this fixed.

Any ideas?