Seamless way to change IP on website ??


Oct 28, 2009
Is there a Seamless way to change the IP address of a website
meaning, I don't want the website to go down for 48 hours
while the IP propagates......

I heard that the IP migration wizard might work......?

Would love to hear if this can be done.!



Oct 28, 2009
Sorry, it's on a dedicated server with a unique IP address.
I just got some extra IPs for my server.

Is it seamless to use the IP migration wizard or just do
the Change IP in account functions ?

Thanks !


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Nov 5, 2008
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Provided there is an available IP address to switch to, it is possible to simply use the feature in WHM to change an account IP address. I agree with Infopro that this type of change would be best performed during a time of low usage where the server is the least busy, typically this may be during late night hours.

Here are the two menu paths in WHM where the change can be performed:
WHM: Main >> Account Functions >> Change Site's IP Address
WHM: Main >> IP Functions >> Change Site's IP Address

Here is our documentation for the above:
AcctFunctions < AllDocumentation/WHMDocs < TWiki
IPFunctions < AllDocumentation/WHMDocs < TWiki
ChangeSiteIP < AllDocumentation/WHMDocs < TWiki

The only propagation required would be for recent site visitors that also have a cached copy of the DNS query result from a time before the IP change within the minimum TTL period (time frame) defined in the DNS zone. Visitors will see the IP change immediately if they do not have a current cached entry of the domain, or after their cached DNS query result expires.

It is possible for affected visitors to attempt forcing their DNS cache to be flushed (cleared or reset), but this process or method to flush the DNS cache varies depending on the OS being used on their own computer (e.g., Windows, Mac OS X).

For Windows, via a Command Prompt window:
ipconfig /flushdns
For Mac OS X, via a Terminal window:
dscacheutil -flushcache
For any OS, it may also be necessary to close and re-open the browser windows (because the browsers could also cache DNS queries), and preferably close all browser windows before flushing the DNS cache.