Second Account redirects to same URL


May 9, 2019
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Hi all, I have been working through an issue that I just cannot resolve. I created my first WHM/Cpanel account pointing to my URL (registar is godaddy). Went through the entire process of setting up the account, passwords, nameservers, etc. Added these nameservers (ns1, ns2) to Godaddy along with the WHM/Cpanel IP address. Works just fine.

I recently purchased a new URL (with godaddy) went through the same process as above, and created a second (new) account on the WHM/Cpanel. If I attempt the new URL it directs me to my first URL. Am I missing a step, maybe two. Please help.

I can go to the new cPanel for the new URL, but the site is not reachable.