Aug 4, 2004

I want to move my accounts to a new hard drive on the same server. I have put the new hard drive in as primary and installed the corresponding server. Now i have all my files on the secondary server. Is it possible for me to transfer accounts from the second hard drive to the first? If not how can i copy the files through ssh? I have manually recreated each account so it now has no files. I just needed to copy in the whole folders for each user. I tried to move to the second hard drive on my server but it returns hdc is not a valid directory?!

Thanks in advance!
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Jan 2, 2004
I'm a bit confused by your setup... you mention primary drive, but secondary server, but also say you want to move accounts to second drive on same server...

Can you clarify?

If you're just wanting to move accounts, and not clone the original drive, just install the new drive and use WHM to configure it as a /home2 partition. You can then move accounts onto the new drive.

If you're doing something else... ???