Secondary DNS on DNSMadeEasy and new account creation

Tom Risager

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Jul 10, 2012
Copenhagen, Denmark
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We have couple of cPanel servers clustered with a single cPanel DNSOnly server and with secondary DNS provided by DNSMadeEasy. Once an account has been setup this works flawlessly, with any changes made to zones via cPanel or WHM being automatically transferred from the DNSOnly server to the secondary DNS servers.

However, every time we create a new cPanel account, we first need to manually create the domain using DNSMadeEasy's control panel. We would like this to happen automagically when we create a new account in WHM, and as far as I can see this should be possible using the cPanel and DNSMadeEasy APIs.

Has anyone here done something like this - and would you be willing to share the code? Using the DNSMadeEasy API looks fairly simple, but I cannot quite figure out where to place the code on the cPanel server or how to hook it up so it executes either before or after account creation. Your input would be much appreciated.

(DNSMadeEasy has a cPanel plugin, but as far as I can tell from the description it is provides functionality to cPanel end-users, not the server admin).


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I have not personally used the DNSMadeEasy service, but have you consulted with their support team to see if they have a guide or manual on how to implement their server with cPanel?

Thank you.