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Dec 1, 2020
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Thanks for reading.

We moved recently changed our primary domain name from to We want to maintain the original to point to the same website. In cpanel we have set up as the default domain and have as a parked domain with a redirect on this to ensure the user always ends up at

Since the change, when a user types into the browser "<website>", they receive a security warning to indicate site is not secure. If I click through the warning to proceed, it correctly redirects to

We do have SSL certificates for BOTH domains, but as I understand it we cannot use SSL for alias/parked domains? If I also understand correctly, alias/parked domains are the correct way to point additional domains to the same website?

I noticed when typing in the address, it is trying to apply https so it looks like "force redirect to https" is on the domain - I can't see a way to turn this off in cpanel?

Can you advise how I best set this up so that when the user types in the address, it redirects without security warning to

Thank you!
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there!

I would do this:
  • Remove the alias
  • Create an entirely new cPanel account in WHM for the domain you'll be redirecting. This will ensure it gets a separate vhost (unlike an alias).
  • Install your SSL on the newly-created account, or let AutoSSL take care of it.
  • Setup redirection in the account's .htaccess file to point to the primary site.
That will get you redirection working where both the redirected and permanent domain have an SSL certificate.

Can you try that and report back with the results?