Security Advisors False Positives with Imunify360 Configured


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May 6, 2020
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Curious if perhaps the security advisor should be updated to be better integrated with imunify360?
Just checking on things, I notice SA throws warning for
No brute force protection detected
Enable cPHulk Brute Force Pr
Outbound SMTP connections are unrestricted.
Enable SMTP Restrictions in the “SMTP Restrictions” area
but I have imunify360 setup for brute force, and for SMTP restrictions.
SMTP restrictions actually states in the imunify config it conflicts with cpanel native restriction setting and to turn off.

Personally I chose to turn on cphulk to just not have another system running under/ontop imunify, for resources and possible conflicts. What are ya'lls thoughts on this?

Also getting
The MySQL service is currently configured to listen on all interfaces: (bind-address=*)
Configure bind-address= in /etc/my.cnf or use the server’s firewall to restrict access to TCP port “3306”.
and not sure if it's from not talking with imunify as well, since I do not have that port opened in imunify config.

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