Jul 1, 2020
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Team, I used security headers (Analyse your HTTP response headers) to get my header to a green status. I checked my website and now my headers are all red like they have been reset. I have not made any changes to my cpanel server or my htaccess file. Has anyone ran into an issue like this?

Article below I wrote to assist others since I got mine to work perfectly. This took me a long time to research and get all the settings correct for my website. Any thoughts? If no changes were made on my, what would cause this? Maybe an automated update on cPanel?
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! If that was all added in the .htaccess, I wouldn't expect any cPanel updates to overwrite those changes. For an issue like this, we may need access to the server so we can check the exact system and domain that is experiencing the issue. Could you open a ticket with our team and then post the number here so I can follow along?