Send email to multiple recipients with bcc issue


Apr 21, 2017
croydon, surrey, UK
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If I email 4 [email protected] and bcc 1 extra [email protected] then the 4 get the email but the bcc does not come through. (This is all done using Thunderbird 60.4)

If I email just the bcc it gets through, if I email anyone external bcc the same extra [email protected] then that also works. So does not look like a mail box or filter error though user ignorance cannot be ruled out.

When I look at the headers of the email coming through to one of the To: recipients I see working from the bottom:

To: the 4 recipients no bcc
Envelope-To: the 4 recipients plus the bcc recipient (yes the To: Recipients see the bcc recipient in the headers but not in the normal email display)

However the bcc does not make it to a mail box. I don't have easy access to the logs but can request them.

What can I do to change this behaviour? Is this a variation on a link given in a bcc query last August - Exim/exim


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Richard-N,

Are you using any custom filter rules on this domain or on these email addresses? If so, there's a thread below that offers some information on filtering with bcc addresses that you may find helpful:

cPanel Email Filters: Those that i'm in bcc?

If this doesn't help, could you ask your provider to open a support ticket on your behalf so we can take a closer look at the affected account and system to see what exactly is happening during the email delivery attempt?

Thank you.