SOLVED Send email when Cpanel User login

Aug 31, 2018
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Hello All,

I am trying to receive emails when Cpanel users login. I already have CSF installed on my server. It does send me mail when user login through SSH & root user log to WHM but still doesn't send mail when Cpanel account login. I even tried CPHULK but still same issue. you can check in the attachment that I enabled the settings in CSF to send email for cpanel. please help me as there someone who login to my server and upload zipped files with malware.Thank you



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Nov 14, 2017

As noted in the CSF configuration instructions above LF_CPANEL_ALERT_ACTION this should only be set if you have a script to run in conjunction with it, and it should not be set to "all" :

If a LF_CPANEL_ALERT event is triggered, then if the following contains the
path to a script, it will run the script and passed the ip and username and
the DNS IP lookup result as 3 arguments

The action script must have the execute bit and interpreter (shebang) set
For LF_CPANEL_ALERT_USERS - this should NOT be root if you want ALL user logins to be notified. This should be set to all

This is also indicated in their instructions above the setting:

This is a comma separated list of accounts to send alerts for. To send an
alert for all accounts set this to "all"