Sending mail to a different domain


Jun 6, 2016
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First time working with any of this. I have a wordpress website set up for a company on, with a contact form. The company already has mail set up on gmail, [email protected]. I want the contact form to send mail to the company's gmail. I have done several things:

  • The contact form is configured to send from: [email protected] (default email address for my domain?) to:[email protected]
  • The website is hosted on cPanel. From the cPanel hosting dashboard, I have set the MX entry records to Google Apps MX record values and set email routing to remote mail exchanger(which I assume means it will not handle the mail locally, but send it to the records above)

  • After doing so, mail was bouncing back at [email protected] webmail with the error message: "No such user : [email protected]"
Completely clueless as to what is the usual procedure to going about achieving this(simply getting a contact form to send mail to gmail, a different server). There is also an option on cPanel hosting to setup an email forwarder - not sure if this is the way to go. Any explanation or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Apr 11, 2011

I suggest reporting this issue to your web hosting provider because selecting "Remote Mail Exchanger" should have addressed this issue. They should be able to confirm the email routing configuration for the domain name and verify why the message is bouncing.

Thank you.