Sending without TLS Authentication


Sep 5, 2020
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Recently I have been noticing that when I send an email, be it from Webmail or from a mail client using SSL or TLS encryption, the mail always reaches spam. Check the header and I realize that there is no sender domain (Normally, the domain from which it was sent comes out but it is not the case) and incidentally, the red padlock comes out saying that the message was sent without authentication. But how is that possible? It is assumed that I am sending from a connection with TLS, however it says that the connection is encrypted, I did the test using another server and another mail client working with Postfix and it turns out that there if I get the domain from which the message was sent and comes out with TLS encryption. Something that does not happen in cPanel.

Because of that I can't send emails to Hotmail because it immediately bounces them.