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Apr 1, 2005
After searching through the forums, I haven't yet found an answer. I have a client with a website that uses a FormMail ( mail script and form. I currently host the clients website only; their email is hosted by a different company on a different box. The client is currently unable to receive mail from the FormMail script.

For the purposes of understanding this message, here are a few global variables for you:

my client's domain name:
client that needs to receive messages from FormMail: [email protected]
my client's cPanel login: cpanelusername

After digging into the problem, I have found that FormMail uses sendmail to send out its messages from the form. Unfortunately it appears that sendmail is only able to send mail to local users, and the client's mail users are located on a different machine. In other words, the company's site is located on my machine at The companies mail user, [email protected] is unable to receive messages from FormMail because the user is located on a different box.

Since there are no email users set up on my server, all of the messages sent by the script are being delivered to the default domain address, [email protected] So, I thought I would simply change the default email address to [email protected] This is not allowed as the user "recipient" does not exist on my machine.

Any and all help would be appreciated as I am stumped! :confused:

KMK Enterprises

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Feb 7, 2005
Set up a forward.

Set the formmail application to email to an alias account on your client's account on your server: [email protected] and create a forward in cPanel to forward all mail sent to that email address to your client's email account on the other server. Be sure to test the forward first to be sure it's working.


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May 17, 2003
To get the emails to be delivered remotely you will need to have the domain name removed from /etc/localdomains and entered in /etc/remotedomains that way when exim goes looking for the mailbox to deliver to it will lookup the MX record for the domain externally and deliver it to their external mail server. Default is to deliver locally to all domains in /etc/localdomains

After you do that DO NOT click on the fix mailboxes link under the Email options in WHM or it will write it back into /etc/localdomains.
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