Sent email successfully but the email body is empty

Ada Yau

May 24, 2018
Hong Kong
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I have developed a function under my website to send email to client (just simple forget password function). In fact, the codes was copied from my other websites which could successfully send email to email accounts in China like [email protected].

However, the codes did not work in gmail and the recipient can only receive an empty email. (Note :I could not further verify whether it works for China email accounts as my IP address has just blocked by QQ.COM)

All the headers are OK and just the body is empty. We have then spent lots of time to investigate and also raised ticket to cPanel (#967179). Yet still could not able to identify the root cause.

Attached is the Original Email Log from the recipient's gmail. The body of the email is just a simple English in base64. Still it could not be shown. I have tried different combinations (trial and error) to identify, yet none can work. Some would shown the body in raw data, ie without any translation!

So would see whether any experts in here could help, thanks in advance.



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Nov 14, 2017
Hi @Ada Yau

Thank you for updating the Ticket ID I see the ticket is still actively being worked on and I'll continue to monitor the progress as well as update here with any new information.