Sent Mail Count Keeps Increasing


Jun 12, 2004
I am having a serious problem that is REALLY starting to piss me off. Recently i've noticed that when I log into WHM and goto mail statistics the sent email count for my username keeps going up. As of right now it is at 183, and i've maybe sent no more than 5-10 of those. I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of, and that includes wiping out my entire user directory in /home, changing my password numerous times, deleting my account in WHM and installing a dictionary attack ACL.

My password is a random combination of letters and numbers, it would be virtually impossible for someone to get. Thirty minutes after changing my password the mail count went up another three. I don't understand how this is possible. I investigated the possibility that I have a virus on my computer, so I did a virus check and spyware check but nothing came up. I logged into WHM on my Mac and changed my password again. The same damn thing happened again. I have SMTP authentication enabled so nobody should be able to send out emails without my username and password.

I'm running exim 4.44 and cPanel/WHM 10. I've attempted to upgrade to exim4.5 using /scripts/exim4, but it did not work, it just installed 4.44.