SOLVED Separate hostname from service urls


Aug 13, 2019
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Hi all, we have a server that was set up with a hostname of '' (v82.0.9) and, after migrating to a new host platform, we're now seeing errors in the update logs for...

"The hostname may not begin with “cpanel.” because it conflicts with an automatically configured domain"

Unfortunately our client has multiple customers that are now used to using the, so my questions are as follows...
If we update the hostname am I right in thinking the free CPanel SSL certificate will be updated to match the new hostname?
If so, in order to maintain the end user experience, is there a way to configure the service URLs independently from the hostname and keep using the free CPanel SSL service?
If not, is there another way to run the service urls on the current DNS name and set up LetsEncrypt to generate the SSL certifcate?

Thanks for any help on this.


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Nov 14, 2017
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This is occurring because is automatically created for every domain on the server this is discussed here: Service Subdomains Explanation - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation

If you want to bypass this to use as the hostname of the server you can do so but it is not a recommended or supported configuration. The documentation here goes over how to do this though: Service Subdomains Use the cPanel Service SSL - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation