Aug 22, 2014
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Hey all.

I'm looking for a bit of advice on moving servers and change nameserver domains.

The scenario:

Server A [] is hosting sites that can have very little downtime.
Server B [] is configured and ready to have the sites transferred.

The problem is, I also need to change nameservers, as expires soon and is a bit unprofessional..

Is there such a way to do migrate the websites with very little downtime?

As the way I see it, the Domain is going to have to have it's nameservers changed at the registrar, so that'll take up to 48 hours (worst case) to propagate.
Then the clients ISP will have to see these changes.. The clients PC may need flushdns and browsers have cache clearing etc?

Is it possible to change the nameservers of the domain to and .. Transfer the site.. and then 1 week later, change the to [Hope that makes sense]

Any advice or other recommendations is greatly appreciated!

* newserver/oldserver aren't the actual domains


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

A good answer to this is found on the following thread:

DNS Change without much downtime

Using one name server from the old server and one from the new server is not advised. It would not make propagation any easier.

Thank you.