Server Backup and storage problem??


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May 6, 2004
Hello All,
We are having Linux server with daily configured backup on it.Along with daily backup we have also weekly and monthly backup configured on it.
We have /backup as second harddisk where we take backup of /home and imp configuration files.But now that /backup drive is full (100%).And I need to make some space for future backup on the server.
In such situation we generally delete some files etc to create some space on /backup but I want some good solution in which one needn't delete the files etc.
My question is that what are other posible ways in which i can take backup?Should I go for tape drive?or bigger hard-disk will do?or I need RAID configuration etc on the server?Or SCSI can be used?
Can anybody please help me!!I need some good suggestions as i face this proble weekly!!
Thank you