server complains about keeping up with the statistics processing schedule


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May 27, 2003
Roughly 10 days ago the server was force-shutdown and that seems to have stopped the ability for it to realize it's stats are out of whack. (I just heard someone say "oh yeah, I know what that is" - thanks!)

WHM -> Statistics Software Configuration:
The server is having trouble keeping up with your statistics processing schedule. You should increase the time between statistic generation, or upgrade the server. If you have recently decreased the time between statistic generation, you may wish to wait that amount of time to see if the server will catch up before changing back.
It ends up saying each user is over 10 days old. So, one at a time I run /scripts/runweblogs <user> for every user, but it doesn't change anything.

Here's a typical run:

Log checker loaded ok..
==> WARNING: The configured processor count does not match the
==> actual processor count (2)! Running log analysis programs
==> on this system may cause excessive load! You should set "extracpus"
==> to "0" in /var/cpanel/cpanel.config if this is not ok.
==> cPanel Log Daemon version 22.2
==> Shared RRDTOOL support enabled
Processing bahman...
Run Logs domain: BW Limit: 1887436800 Domains: []
Update status for /var/cpanel/bandwidth/bahman-http.rrd: (8703)
Processing exim stats for bahman.......Done
Update status for /var/cpanel/bandwidth/bahman-all.rrd: (8703)
WEBLANG english
Archive Status: 0
About to fork for bahman [ALL DOMAINS:,,]
After the run, I refresh the WHM -> Statistics Software Configuration page and they are all still listed with the same amount of time.

Any ideas?