server crashes every couple days at 12:54am??


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Mar 27, 2003
Ok, so i have a server that seems to crash every couple of days almost at the same time every are my lastest crashes/times:

Feb 14 - Server crashed at 12:37:49
Feb 16 - Server crashed at 12:54:18
Feb 18 - Server crashed at 12:53:31
Feb 20 - Server crashed at 12:55:11

So I looked through my cron logs to see if maybe it was something in cron running. The only thing I see at those times (or closest tot hose times) is this:

Feb 20 00:54:16 h3 crontab[11115]: (root) LIST (root)
Feb 20 00:54:16 h3 crontab[11118]: (root) LIST (root)
Feb 20 00:54:16 h3 crontab[11119]: (root) LIST (root)
Feb 20 00:54:16 h3 crontab[11120]: (root) REPLACE (root)

Do you know what that is? Is this something that could cause the server to fail?

If not this, is there anything else that might be causing this server to lock up every couple of days at the same time???