server crashes, exim


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Mar 9, 2009
good afternoon

i run 2 servers for my company that are mostly used for mailing, firstly they never had problems, in the last 2 days when we run our newsletter the server freezes.
i checked exim, checked the queue and deleted the whole thing, updated the server, rebooted, checked for virus, checked blacklists etc, runned the software, was sending about 1 email per second when the normal value is about 25 with 15.000 rpm disks and nehalem processors.
also after this, crashed.
i asked my hosting company to look at the problem, they told me that it was a memory issue. that i would have to reduce the exim child processes.
since i dont know how to do that im asking here.
also, i put apache max memory to 100m
any ideas?