Server Hanging - chkservd, Tailwatch. EximStats


Oct 1, 2006
Hey guys! I am hoping I can get some answers to this pesky problem that has been plaguing me for too long now.

Symptoms: Multiple times a day, our server will become unresponsive and hang. During this time, our website we host is literally down. The only way to get it to work is to either 1) wait it out 5-10 minutes, or 2) do a remote reboot at the datacenter.

What we've been told is that during these times, MySQL seems to be taking up a lot of resources, although I am not sure that's the 100% culprit yet.

What I do know is that after each "hang," we are automatically emailed the "HANG: chkservd" email from cPanel. I am attaching a screenshot so that you can see what the exact results were.


Now, when I went to look at the tailwatchd_log, the only thing it shows is a bunch of errors relating to EximStats. See the second attached screenshot.


My version of cPanel is 11.34.1 (build 5).

Can you make any recommendations on how I can fix this problem? I am not sure if the EximStat program is the one causing the hang, or if it's a byproduct of the hang, but if we take one thing at a time and try to fix these errors, maybe it will cause the hanging to overall stop.

(NOTE: I do not really care about any email stats. This server hosts my own ecommerce website, and I don't need to monitor anyone else to see what their usage if you have steps to remove or disable the program which causes these errors, let me know how to do that).

I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

Thanks in advance, and happy new year!

- Jeff


Apr 14, 2013
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sory to bump older post,
i have similar problem since three days ago,
is there anyone in here can give some advice?
i'am still newbie in this kind of problem.