Server IP showing default page - how to point it at a certain account?


Apr 8, 2011
Hi folks.

I have a server running WHM 11 with CPanel 2, and it's been running (knock on wood) great for some time now. I noticed today that if I hit my server's IP address, I get the default cPanel page.

I've been googling around and found some old results, but was hoping to get the right answer here. How do I direct the default (shared) IP address to a certain account's main page?

Eg: I go to h t tp:// and it shows the default page - I'd like it to direct to a domain.tld that I have on my server.

If it should be a redirect, where should I edit/add that file? I saw some things about editing httpd.conf, but i was under the impression that if you run WHM and CP that you shouldn't manually make edits to that file.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


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