Server load increased multiple times after installing mod_pagespeed


Oct 28, 2012
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I yesterday requested my hosting company to install mod_pagespeed after which I am consistently getting server issue. I don't know if its the only reason for server load

Has anyone tried mod_pagespeed.

Please suggest me if you have experinced it



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Apr 27, 2006
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I haven't personally tried it but in the threads floating about related to requesting it as an EA feature, it seems to not always perform well, have a good read of

If your hosting company has installed it (and are presumeably thus supporting it for you) I'd be interested to know what their take is on the reason you're seeing increased load. From the horses mouth and all that...


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Aug 14, 2001
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From my siege based high concurrency user load testing of mod_pagespeed for Apache on WHM/Cpanel, you gain 2x times page load speed at the cost of 3x times higher cpu loads. So pretty normal. Google gets away with this as they have whole cluster of web servers to distribute the higher cpu loads over and/or use their own more efficient non-Apache web server. Automating some optimisations do lead to more resource usage, that's just cost involved in getting faster page loads :)

You can possibly lighten the load a bit if you start tuning and maybe disabling some mod_pagespeed filters which are know to be a bit more intensive i.e. image rewrites. Trial and error, but don't expect mod_pagespeed faster page loads to NOT come without a cost ;)

But i don't have such dramatically higher cpu loads testing Centmin Mod based Nginx with Google ngx_pagespeed. Probably due to more efficient Nginx vs Apache web server ? Who knows ? :)
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