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Nov 2, 2001
Hi all,

I am tring to figure out a server load problem, I've been using the commands top, vmstat, &watch -n1 pstree& and iostat to try and find the source of the problem. After a couple of weeks of watching the output of these commands, and reading everything I can find on system load problems, I am still no closer to working out what's going on.

Some server load graphs, and command results.
(Some days are not too bad)

When the server load is high the average number of httpd processes goes down, so I'm sure its not to do with user activity. No mailing lists are sent out during these periods of high load, mailing lists are only used once or twice per week and the apache logs show nothing out of the ordinary.

I've only had this server for a couple of weeks, my old server was pretty much the same spec as this machine, and the high loads never happened before the move.

I've now come to the decision to try and disable as many non essential services as possible and see what effect it has on the load problem.

I've disabled SuExec from the WHM

I've added these two lines to the /var/cpanel/cpanel.config file

I would like to disable bandwidth/diskspace quota's if possible but I'm not sure how to do this!!

What else can be disabled? and/or what else can I do to find the source of the problem?

I need to keep the email, php, ftp, telnet and apache sections working, apart from these sections everything else can be disabled.

Pete Kelly