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Dec 21, 2001
[quote:3a9f2ae073][i:3a9f2ae073]Originally posted by tekdns[/i:3a9f2ae073]


our server load very very high (24~)

cPanel has nothing to do with server admin, if your server administration skills are lacking, your are best hiring an outsourced admin.


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Sep 16, 2002
Perhaps instead of being rude to him, maybe you can take the same amount of time and energy and give him a couple tips. Unless of course your server admin skills are lacking.

It is quite possibly a cpanel problem, did you think of that?

As for myself, I don't really have any tips for him because I am also looking for tips to help me lower my server load. Although not as extreme as his. And even though it may not be a cpanel problem, this is still a good place to look about anything to do with a server and how to run it.

Think about that the next time you have a question about something and everyone is rude to you.


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Feb 24, 2002
Go into WHM

Go into server resources and look at the
Cpu/Memory/Mysql Usage History

That may give you a good idea of what sites may be eating up your resources. There are a few other tricks to run in SSH but this is a quick find at times. I find that some poorly written perl scripts, forums, and very large files are usually the culprit. Once you see a really high problem with particular site, you might try to suspend it an see if the server usage goes down quite a bit. Check the bandwidth usage also, there may be a site problem there with an extremely busy site.

Hope that helps. I have found usually one site is responsible and it can cause a lot of issues.


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Aug 12, 2001
All over Europe
ssh to your server and enter:
cd /
locate psybnc

If you find any files find out where is a security hole and then remove the complete directories containing &psybnc&. Close your security hole (propaply phpNuke 4.x, 5.x and some other scripts).

My server was hacked twice and the hackers installed psybnc which brought exim and apache to crash every other minute and the system load went up to 45 (!)