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Aug 22, 2004
I am having problem with server load. It is going high again n again after every few hours. How i can fix this problem ?

I have an idea to FIX this problem by PhpSusexec.

RLimitCPU 60 180
RLimitMEM 1048576 31457280

I edited above lines on TOP in httpd.conf (AS GLOBAL) then i restarted apache (httpd service). After that all websites went down. So i removed those lines from httpd.conf file.

Please tell me what is error there ? or how i can fix this problem?

Note : we have 3.06 Ghz Intel server with 1 GB RAM. We are getting load problem because of some websites. And we can not move those sites from server. Only this option we have to set limit resources.

If you have good syntex/limit so please let me know. I will set this for my server. Then this prolbem will be resolve.

Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Best Regards,
Farrukh Hussain