Server overload 1~2 hrs daily (regularly)


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Jun 5, 2003
I am encountering a strange thing, at everyday 4:00 GMT ~ 4:30 GMT around, my server will be gin to have high loading, and then everything (http, ssh) cannot be done, because all resources (cpu time) are used out.

I try to figure out why, but cannot have an efficient solution for that.

I check all cront-job, but none was running at that time.

Then I try to TOP before server gets high-loaded. The only thing I can find out is that MySQL daemon uses 99% of CPU time, and then http/ssh can go no-where.

If I stop httpd, and then restart it, then server will be back to normal. But I have to do that everyday.

It seems there is some program running regularly at that time, and consume all CPU resource. The server will be back to normal at 5:30GMT or 6:00GMT then.

Can anyone give me some suggestions how to find out why?