Jul 9, 2004
Server Performance and Webhost Setup (Help Please!)

Hoping someone can take time to answer this, I'm about ready to pull my hair out - all of what's left anyhow.

Quick synopsis of what I have for a hosting solution:
- Managed.com $60/mo server, dedicated to only 1 site.
- Site is PHP-Nuke, highly optimized with on-the-fly compression.
- Server runs Redhat, with stable cPanel software versions.

Description of what I see when browsing the site:
- Page load times that used to be 0.25s on a shared server, are now 1.0s or higher.

What I've tried to do to fix the problem:
- Tweak the my.cnf file for SQL.
- Install both Zend Optimizer, and/or Turck MMCache.
- Turn off services on the server that weren't needed.
- Verify, re-verify, and re-re-verify DNS entries were all correct on the name server (separate box).

I simply don't understand how a P4 2.4ghz Celeron system, with 512mb of memory, can take over a full second to run 80 SQL queries and generate what amounts to a normal HTML page. As I said above, it used to take 0.25 seconds on an old iPowerWeb shared hosting box (unknown specs). Is it conceivable that Managed.com's network or servers are simply that crappy? Or is it possible that I've somehow misconfigured the server? A friend's box at Managed.com ($90/mo type) runs a similar website, with 0.25s page generations, so mine should too - unless there's THAT big a difference between a P4 2.4ghz Celeron and a P4 2.8ghz.

I'm about ready to hire someone savvy with these things to "fix" the server for me - the site's been dead nearly a month because of the slow pages. Any suggestions from the folks out here first?

--= J
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