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Oct 31, 2017
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After some feedback on 'self managed' hosting.

I am experimenting with my own web server but it is stretching my knowledge (which is what i want). However I am running into performance issues that I am having difficulty identifying.

I am running a Centos VM Guest on an OVH dedicated server. Details as per below.

VM Host Hardware:
OVH Server
8 Core/16 Thread CPU Intel Xeon [email protected]
128GB Ram
2x 500GB NVMe Hard Drives
2x 2TB Hard Drives
ESXI 6.5.0-20180304001

VMware Guest Web Server vHardware
8x vCPUs (8 cores, not mapped to hardware cores)
32GB Ram (i have played with vCPU and Ram count without and noticeable difference.
VMWare Host installed on NVMe Drive 1.
VMWare Guest installed on NVMe Drive 2 shared with a couple of other VM Guests. (had been previously only vm on drive)
Assigned 2nd Drive on SATA drive for backups only.

VMware Web Server Software
Centos 7 x64. Up to date.
Maria DB
PHP 5.6, PHP 7.x
cPanel. Up to Date.
ConfigServer installed
NginX (enginitron, they also did what they called server optimisation. They advised against running cloudlinux with so few accounts and the implication was that it may be contributing to poor performance.)
I am running only about 18 sites. Only about 4 of which are really live/public/getting traffic.

Pretty much all sites are running WP. Fully patched. Wordfence and any other security measures I can find that seem legit.
1 site running WHMCS.
Basically any traffic at all on any website generates alert emails. Mainly high mem usage from php-fpm.
Cloudlinux is showing CPU and MEM errors on the sites that get traffic. I do have the sites that get traffic set to 200% cpu. 1Gb ram.
Both the VM Host and VM Guest seem to be ok as far as CPU and memory usage.

The only thing I can see is perhaps cloudlinux being misconfigured. My concern is that there is a problem, specifically with php-fpm.

Based on what I have seen around I thought that servers with these specs were regularly used to hosts 100/1000's of sites. I am struggling to host less than 6 real websites.

I am not trying to be a 'host' but want to be able to offer my own clients a quality hosting service. As it stands at the moment I am refusing to put clients on it because I am not confident that it is operating as it should.
Wow that was an epic post. I guess in short I am asking
  1. What sort of Server Specs do I need to be able to run cPanel and host <50 accounts (mostly WP)
  2. Can anyone offer some advice about what the issue may be or where to look to try to identify the cause of the poor performance.

Thanks in advance.




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Nov 14, 2017

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