Server Reload 64bits - OS for cpanel ?


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May 27, 2003

I don't know if i'm on the right section..

Well i'm since a year with a german DC. I need to renew my yearly contract but they don't have Fedora core 2 (i'm running this for now) anymore. They only propose on their servers which are AMD 64 bits, Fedora Core 5 or Debian 3.1.

Debian is still in a BETA stage and it's like FC5 is not fully supported yet. But i saw on an american DC that they were selling a Cpanel 64bits server with FC5, so could i assume that it should work correctly ?

Anyone running fine a cpanel server with FC5 64 bits ?

Of course, if i could choose i would take CentOs but my DC doesn't have it. And if possible, i would like to stay in the same DC.

Thanks in advance,


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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
Only cPanel can tell you if it is supported, so you'll need to contact them directly. If possible, you'd be much better off using CentOSv4 instead of Fedoras Core, otherwise you'll have to upgrade the OS in four months or so to keep supported.