Server setup question (DNS/IP related)


Dec 10, 2002
I have a question I'm hoping some of you out there can help out with. I seem to be having no luck getting an answer from my server provider so I thought I'd try here!

I recently leased a server from a provider that has WHM/CPANEL installed. While I am familiar with both products, I am questioning the way this server was setup. I ordered a server with 5 IPs and requested two nameservers be setup as well (named and

When I got the email with all my server information, the main server is &changed of course&. I log into WHM and check the setup and yes indeed that is the case. My understanding is that this is the main server IP, and that all name-based accounts setup on this server will also share this IP.

What is troubling me is that when I check the nameserver setup, I find that ns3 is also using ns4 is using the next IP provisioned This leads me to my question - shouldn't ns3. and ns4. have their own IPs that are reserved for their use only? I have to imagine that sharing the main server IP will at some point cause a problem. If they should ahve their own IPs, how do I do this in WHM? Whenever I deleted and recreate the nameservers, ns3 always grabs and I can't see a place for a user-specified IP for the nameservers.

Thank you all in advance for your help. I need to iron this out so I can register the nameservers and begin migrating accounts from another server over to the new box.



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Feb 7, 2002
what happens when you try to assign a new IP is WHM does a dns lookup on and finds that its linked to your main IP. What you need to do is talk to your ISP or registrar about chaning the name server IPs for the domain. Once thats done you can create the nameservers in WHM.