Server spikes with huge loads for no reason


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Mar 19, 2003
100 accounts on this server yet i log into WHM and its tell me my server is spiking in the red at 8.48???? HUH! WTH. I log into SSH and see nothing, by that time the load has dropped to 3.58 and then back to .10. 5 minutes later its spiking past 5.0 again with littel evidence of whats wrong. Httpd is looping possibly. I restart Apache, stop it for 30seconds then start it back up, now its back at .22 a acting the way it should. Why it this happening and when is Cpanel going to fix this? This is nuts!!


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May 22, 2002
What makes you think it is a cpanel problem?

I have alot of servers running cpanel not doing anything like that.

Cpanel has some problems but not sure that is one of em. Have you tried ps -aux to see all the runnnig processes on the server when it is spiking?

You may have to sit there and watch top for a few hours and wait until it spikes to find the problem ..Could be a bad kerenel have you checked all your log files?
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