Dec 22, 2011
Port 80
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Good Day

I have a problem with my server, it was suspended for the reason of "Violation of AUP - Outgoing DDOS and Resource Abuse"

Now i am a rookie when it comes to whmi don't know what caused this. After contacting my host i was informed that this was caused by me server being used to attatck other servers on the host. This is the message i received from them

Looking at the log files your VPS is being used to attack other servers. There were hundreds of processes running from the /tmp directory
So, i asked them how this could be resolved and i got this response

Your server will not be going back online until you have resolved the security problems which generated all the complaints we have been receiving over the past 24 hours.

We can request SSH-only access and you can get onto your VPS to configure a proper firewall, clean the root-kit and deal with the security problems.

Please confirm you are ready to do this and I will request it.
So, please, i need help, i'm in serious trouble, there were about 40 websites hosted on that server. How can i fix this?

A step by step tutorial will b greatly appreciated.