server to server copy does not work - tar of split archive ran out of space


Dec 22, 2009
I have a dedicated server and vps server whm installed. But wen i am trying to use copy one account from another server in whm control panel, it does not work. It shows following error message:

error: tar of split archive ran out of space.

As i am transferring from vps to dedicated server, so why i will ran out of space, as i have now more space in my new dedicated server.

So, can anyone kindly tell me where is the problem?


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Jan 24, 2005
You are running out of space on your VPS and not on the dedicated server. The transfer function creates a tar on the source server first, migrate it on the destination server and restores the account.

Looking at the error message it is splitting the archive which indicates that the account is too large. You have two options

1) Ask your VPS host to increase the disk space temporarily on your VPS so that you can migrate the account.


2) rename the home directory of the account on the VPS i.e.

mv /home/user /home/user_bak
create an empty home directory for the user

mkdir /home/user
migrate the account using the WHM transfer function. Once done, remove the empty users home directory and rename the actual one.

rm -rf /home/user
mv /home/user_bak /home/user
Once done, rsync the /home/user directory to your Dedicated server.

rsync -av -e "ssh -p 22" /home/user [email protected]:/home/
where, 'user' is the account username. Execute the rsync command on your VPS.