Server to Server freeze up


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Aug 11, 2003
Toronto, Canada
I am in the process of moving a site from one server to another.

The way I did it was log into cpanel on the old server, go to Backups and did a Full Backup, by clicking Generate/Download a Full Backup and chose the remote ftp, so it arrives on the new server.

However about 3/4 of the way, it somehow crapped out. I suspect that it's because the olde server was under high load and crashed. This site is also nearing 3G in size.

So, if I go to the new server, I see .pureftpd-upload.452f63eb.15.531d.4170f962 as if it froze.

Anyway, my question is, is there anyway to kick start it, so it continues?
Or do I have to start again ?

I've done this countless times, but never had this happen.



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Mar 3, 2006
I think you are out of luck with that. An easier way would be cutting the backup into smaller peices then join them all together at the destination and md5check to verify

split -b 50000000 backup.gz backup.gz

This will create 50 meg files called backup.gzaa, ab, ac etc etc

once you transfer all your files, join them by doing this.

cat backup.gza? > backup.gz

then do your md5check... off ya go...
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