Sep 24, 2010
I'm new to cPanel from Plesk and am trying to understand vhost configuration here. Most of my sites are built with Drupal and many make extensive use of multi-site installations requiring vhost configuration.

At Plesk, I would edit the vhost.conf file for each domain with:

ServerAlias *.thisdomain.com
ServerAlias xyz.otherdomain.com
ServerAlias abc.anotherdomain.com

So a wildcard ServerAlias plus an alias so that a subdomain from another domain would also work.

How can I do this in cPanel. I presume for the wildcard domain I could do it in a vhost template??? Never done that but based upon reading that's my guess. But that will affect all of my domains. And obviously the ServerAlias entries for external subdomains would need to be on a per-domain basis and not apply to every domain in cPanel.

Your help is appreciated. Thanks.