Service Manager not detecting when lfd is stopped

Kent Brockman

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Jan 20, 2008
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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lfd is a module being part of the ConfigServer Firewall (CSF).
From time to time, one of my boxes is overhelmed of concurrent processes (nightly upcp, backups, mailman archiving, logwatch, etc) and lfd stops with a memory error (cannot fork). Although Tailwatchd remains active.
There is a item in Service Manager that allows to monitor lfd status. I've set it so chkservd restart lfd in case it is down.
The problem is that lfd goes down around two times a day, and chkservd is not restarting it.
After that, I've set a cron job running "service lfd restart" every 6 hs, but is also not working.

I cannot prevent lfd to be stopped. What can I do to get it restarted when it is down next time?