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Jul 29, 2013
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Hi guys, greetings from Colombia. I apologyze for my english.

I'm a rookie using cPanel at VPS setup as a server for a very small hosting business.

After purchasing and installing a SSL cert to service (ftp, exim, dovecot, webmail, whm and cpanel) and configuring "Redirect - Always redirect to SSL: on" and "Security - Require SSL: on" at Tweak settings, I'm testing the settings and observed this results (I'm running last STABLE version of cPanel):

* Browsing hosted-domain.tld/cpanel (or webmail, whm, etc) it redirects to https://server-domain.tld:SSLPORT/un.../redirect.html and next redirects to https://server-domain.tld:SSLPORT with a "Your session cookie is invalid. Please log in again." error message.

* Browsing cpanel.hosted-domain.tld (or another subdomain related to service), it redirects to https://cpanel.hosted-domain.tld:SSLPORT showing an SSL error.

* Browsing hosted-domain.tld:NON-SSLPORT, it redirects to https://hosted-domain.tld:SSLPORT showing an SSL error.

Now, the questions...

* My idea is that any ways to access those services (for example, cpanel.hosted-domain.tld or hosted-domain.tld/cpanel or hosted-domain.tld:2082) instantly redirects to https://server-domain.tld:SSLPORT... How can I get it works?

* That unprotected/redirect.html page is so weird. It is possible to hide or edit it?

* It is possible to edit the service login screens with re-branding purposes? (whm, cpanel, webmail, etc)

Thank you


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

1. The SSL warning message is normal if you are using a self-signed certificate or if the installed certificate does not match the domain name in the address bar. Ensure you install the signed certificate for cPanel/WHM/Webmail via "WHM Home » Service Configuration » Manage Service SSL Certificates". Then, in "Tweak Settings" under "Redirection", make sure the SSL and Non-SSL redirection is set to "SSL Certificate Name".

2. You can edit some templates via "WHM Home » Account Functions » Web Template Editor". Could you post a screenshot of which particular page you are referring to if you can't find it with the web template editor?

3. Yes, you can create branded login pages using the instructions here:

How to create custom branded login pages

Thank you.