Services showing failed, but actually RUNNING


Aug 4, 2003
I've been monitoring my services, under SERVICE STATUS in WHM, and it looks like some services are showing FAILED, when infact they are running. eg. MySQL shows failed, but it is running and sites are able to use it. Apache also shows failed, but it is working fine.

Has anyone experienced this? Here is what the services status looks like.

apache (1.3.33 (Unix)) failed
bind (9.2.1) failed
clamd up
cppop failed
cpsrvd failed
exim (exim-4.50-1_cpanel_smtpctl_av_rewrite_mm2_mmmtrap_exiscan_md5pass) up
eximstats failed
ftpd up
imap up
mysql (4.1.11-standard) failed
postgresql failed
spamd up
syslogd up
Server Load 0.15 (1 cpu)
Memory Used 20.2 %
Swap 1 %
Disk hda3 (/) DMA+ 13 %
Disk hda1 (/boot) DMA+ 17 %

I'm still a novice to cpanel, so i dont know how i would test cppop, cpsrvd, eximstats or postgresql to see if they are actually running or now.

This shouldnt be a huge concern, since services are running, however it looks bad when my clients check the Server Status from their control panel.

Thanks in Advance!