Two clients complained about php session problems yet not sure how to duplicate as I see php itself functioning fine:


The first problem is PHP start_session is not setting the PHPSESSID and php url arguments are not set in the webserver processing the php pages.

For example: somepage.php?x=1
<?php echo $x; ?> <-- $x is not set.


From 12-00 GMT data in session, through $ _SESSION [' a '] =123 have ceased to be transferred;

When a user logs in, the site calls "session_start()" and subsequent pages call "!isset($PHPSESSID)". This worked this morning, now it does not work any longer.

Seems to be a problem with PHPSESSID as two people complained about this


http://domain.com/test.php?arg=1 should display "Test = 1" but displays "Test =" because $arg is not being set when the php is being processed.

http://domain.org/template.php?page=announcements should display domain.org/announcements.php inside the header and footer of domain.org, but $page is not set so the template.php does not know which page to load into the template.

I created a test php page with the following code :

<?php echo "Test = " . $arg . "<BR>\n"; ?>

domain.com/test.php?arg=1 produces:

Test =

I recompiled apache via whm with php 5.1.6. They say problem still persists.

My /tmp is 2GB in size also

Using centos 4.3 / cpanel release 10x

I did not see any errors for the domain in apache nor the domain logs


Anyone know about this? Is this an actual server side issue? Fix would be what?