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Jan 26, 2017
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I got a request from a customer to set default language on all future WordPress installations on the server. But I am unable to find any documentation about how to change de defaults on the WordPress Manager. I understand that the change would be server wide and that is no issue.

If possible I would also love to know where the install files are located, as I would love to add some default plugins in order to optimize my customer's workflow.

Best regards Benjamin


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Apr 11, 2011
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Hello @karlog,

There's no support to customize the default WordPress configuration settings at this time. I encourage you to open a feature request for the ability to define the default language used in WordPress installations:

Submit A Feature Request

In the meantime, one potential solution is to develop a custom bash script that automatically finds and modifies the newly installed WordPress files and databases. You'd setup the custom script to run automatically as a post hook for the "Cpanel::Api1::cPAddons::mainpg" event that runs after every cPAddon is installed. You can read about this cPanel API 1 function at:

cPanel API 1 Functions - cPAddons::mainpg - Developer Documentation - cPanel Documentation

You can read more about hooks at:

Guide to Standardized Hooks - Developer Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Thank you.
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