Setting a quota on a reseller account that limits all resold accounts as well


Jun 27, 2005
I have a system with root whm access.

If I create a reseller account with, say, 2GB disk space quota and 5GB bandwidth quota, will all sub-accounts / resold accounts for that reseller be limited as well?

I tried this with a test, creating a reseller account with a quota of 20mb, and then logging into the reseller account and creating a non-reseller account with a 30mb quota. I then logged into cpanel for the resold account and created some sites with fantasico - 25MB of content. The original reseller account then had 10MB used.

The reseller was then using a total of 35MB disk space, though I had created the account with an initial limit of 20mb.

I have seen the "Edit privileges" section under reseller center, and am guessing it is configured here. What settings would i need to use to allow resellers to set quota's on resold accounts, but still keep an overall limit on the reseller plus all resold accounts?